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The Belihuloya Rest House has a great location in the popular Rathnapura city. This 1 star hotel sits within a natural setting and is at less than 10 km from the vibrant city center, giving at a close distance the best of nature and the best of an urban destination.

Hotel Facilities

The Belihuloya Rest House has a selection of amenities and services to provide you an excellent experience. Among its amenities is 24 hour room service, a family room, laundry service, a restaurant, a coffee shop, airport transfer, a smoking area and WIFI. Additionally, you can do your check out until 12pm and the check in is available from 2pm.

Hotel Accommodation

Beautifully painted in orange shades, all the 10 hotel accommodations were designed to provide the maximum comfort to every guest. Whether you are traveling in business or leisure, here you will find the right type of accommodation for you.

Places to visit

The best places to visit in the region can easily be reached due to the strategic location of the Belihuloya Rest House. Some examples are the architectural marvels of Maha Saman Devale and the Gnanasiha Tapowana Vihara. If you enjoy visiting museums then consider the Ratnapura Gem Bureau, Museum & Laboratory and the National Museum. The Katugas Falls is perfect for the nature lovers.

Hotel activities

Being this a region known for its gem stones, the Ratna Gem Halt offers a five day course that include visits to the gem markets and mines and teaches how to polish gem stones, among other things. If you want to ad sport activities to your holiday consider a walk in the lovely Pompakelle Forest Park.

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